A freelance web designer & developer in London.

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What I do.

I offer a variety of web design and development solutions for SMEs, local businesses and self-employed professionals. Whether you’re looking for a brand new website or wish to further develop an existing one, I would be happy to help you achieve your goal.

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Over 10 years powering great ideas through web design and development.

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Website Design

As a website designer I always use the responsive or fluid approach to make sure your website has a similar look and feel across all devices, from smartphones to desktops. I then combine it with the best practices in UX Design enabling your website to function exactly as you expect.

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Web Development

My main area of expertise lies within front-end development thorugh HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as some back-end customisations. I would be able to help you by building a new website from scratch or using a premium template, and also, by adding extra features to an existing website.

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Website Management

In case you already have a website but would rather spend your time where it really matters, growing the business, I can take this worry away from you and manage all aspects of it including web hosting, content updates, conversion analysis and anything else that may be needed.

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Website Audits & Optimisation

This is the process of analysing and optimising a website performance from a technical SEO point of view including its HTML structure, page loading speed, mobile friendliness and content relevance amongst many others. This is a vital effort and directly linked to ranking higher on the SERPs.

Should I hire a freelance web designer or a web design agency?

  • By hiring a freelance web designer and developer your project will be far more affordable without having to compromise on quality as there won't be any hidden costs involved. Also, it will be far more personal as you’ll be dealing with one professional from the initial meeting to completion.

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