Crosta & Mollica

Bringing great Italian food to the UK

The Brief

In its founder’s words, James, Crosta & Mollica was founded with a desire to make great Italian food that brings friends and family all together. He has definitely managed to achieve it as C&M has since established itself in the UK market.

When James came to me he was looking for somebody to take on the responsibility of updating the website content including the product and news sections as well as helping creating a bespoke page for a great promotion offering a holiday to Italy.

Crosta & Mollica by André Armacollo Web Design Crosta & Mollica by André Armacollo Web Design


So far, few new pages were created for its new products and latest news, quite a few photos were updated and retouched, couple of videos were added and the promotion page seems to be working very well. It is a long term job and the more C&M grows, the higher is the need for these updates.

Project info

November 2016
Customisation & Updates

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