DLC Sports

Sports coaching for children in London

The Brief

DLC Sports is a company that specialises in teaching sports to children in London. After working for many years in the industry, Daniel decided to set up his own business and therefore, having a modern website become essential.

At first, Daniel only wanted an online place to add the company’s contact details but after a couple of meetings it became clear DLC Sports had much more to offer. It was decided we would go for a responsive “one page” website highlighting the companies services and experience as well as providing all contact information.

Muscle Activation London by André Armacollo Web Design Muscle Activation London by André Armacollo Web Design

What they say

Andre was extremely helpful and quickly translated my requirements into a professional website. I highly recommend him.”

Daniel La Cava - Founder & Head Coach

Project info

February 2017
Web Design & Development


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