Psychotherapy practice & counselling in London

The Brief

Sukoun is a professional counselling service ffers talking therapies by highly experienced psychotherapists and counsellors who have extensive experience of working with diversity.

When I met its founder, Ruba she told me Sukoun offers a unique understanding for people from South Asian, African and Middle Eastern backgrounds and for that reason she wanted a responsive website with a visual impact to instigate intereaction and increase the user experience.

Sukoun by André Armacollo Web Design Sukoun by André Armacollo Web Design


With regards to the layout and design, Ruba has been receiving positive feedback from friends, tutors and customers. It is too early to identify whether its has already had an impact on the Google SERPs and in any way, we will be starting to implement a bespoke SEO strategy very soon to make sure we maximise Sukoun changes of ranking higher on them.

Project info

November 2016
Web Design & Development

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