Via Dai Soliti

An online platform for up and coming fashion designers.

The Brief

Via Dai Soliti, also known as VDS, is an online fashion retailer that has a completely different concept on how fashion should be sold and consumed. VDS offers a platform for up and coming designers to express their talent and showcase their work.

The brief was to create unique responsive website for an unique brand concept prioritising the user’s shopping experience and interaction with the pieces available. Even tough it is still early days to be able to analyse its results in depth, the feedback has been very positive and quite motivating from people related to the industry as well as new visitors.

Via Dai Soliti by André Armacollo Web Design Via Dai Soliti by André Armacollo Web Design

What they say

Andre was really helpful and insightful from first meeting to completion and the final product is an out of the ordinary website, just as we expected.”

VDS Team

Project info

June 2016 (update schedule for Feb 2017)
Web Design & Development

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